Ordering Instructions

At X-TRM, we endeavour to bring you the lowest price possible for your Badminton needs. This means that our online ordering process is a little different than others you may have experienced in the past, so please have a careful read of the below so you understand how it works.


  • Select desired products and place in Shopping Cart.
  • Checkout. Please note at this stage you will NOT be asked for payment, as shipping  costs still need to be added to your order.
  • Your order will then be forwarded to an X-TRM representative, who will contact you via email once the shipping cost of your order has been calculated. You will receive 2 shipping options, by air or by sea. Please indicate your preference.
  • You will receive an email with the total price and a link enclosed to pay via PayPal.
  • Once payment of goods and shipping is received, your order will be shipped to you!


Any enquiries please email service@x-trm.com.